Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sculpey Corgi

I had a friend from France come over to the States for an internship at Disney Studio.
He was here for about couple months, and before he left I made this for him as a farewell gift!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Steadfast Stanley

Here's my 3rd year film at Calarts Character Animation!


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Here it is, I wanted to make something with a dog in it.
This year I wanted to explore more of the sincere. It was difficult to relate myself to the work during pre-production since I never owned a dog my whole life. With this year's film I think I learned the most so far at Calarts. Lot's of thanks goes to David Wolter's film workshop.

TVpaint for animation
Photoshop for background
After effect for compositing
Premiere for editing
Protools for sound

                                        Here are some more early concept arts for the film!

Here's the voice actor for Stanley, Max! All the panting, sniffing, barking was recording by his owner Domi.

Voice recording for all the zombies, from the help of Voice Over teacher at Cal Arts, Marc Cashman.

Here are some thumbnails in no particular order for the 3rd year film. (back then code named "Corgi Fubar") Bunch of stuff that happens in the thumbnails are either cut or rearranged.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Timber Wolf (Wood burning)

First time trying out wood burning, lot's of fun. It's just taking a heated metal rod in a shape of a pen and draw on a wooden surface. It's definitely a nice break from sitting in front of Cintiq all day!